Jewelry comes to life in 3D and augmented reality

Kalevala Innovation Lab is continuously looking to improve the way jewelry is presented online – to give a better understanding about the piece of jewelry digitally. Product pictures are a good start and a necessity for giving an idea about how the product looks, but we wanted to take one step further. 

The most difficult jewelry feature to portray digitally is the scale of the product – it is unimaginably hard to grasp the size of a small jewelry piece merely by looking at a product image. The other tricky thing is to really see how the piece looks 3-dimensionally. No matter how good product pictures you have, the jewelry piece quite often looks flat and sometimes even gives a wrong idea about the real shape of the product.

Together with an innovative 3D company Sayduck Kalevala Innovation Lab developed a solution that tackles both of these problems. The new Kalevala Jewelry App now available for iOs devices brings the jewelry to people with the help of 3D images that are viewable from any angle, showing the jewelry details and forms without any restrictions. The same fully rotational images are also used in Kalevala Jewelry’s webshop. 

In addition to 3D imagery, the application has also an augmented reality feature that helps to better understand the real size of the product. By using the app and the phone camera the user can for example make the selected jewelry piece to appear in real size on a table at home.

Download the Kalevala Jewelry app now from the App Store and try it out to see our jewelry like never before – virtually!