Kalevala Jewelry’s state of the art flagship store located next to a picturesque Esplanadi park in the high-end shopping district of Helsinki now has an eye-catching feature that is new to the world: the first see-through touch screen shop window. People passing the store are attracted by a shiny animated store front that glimmers in the wintery dusk of the northern capital. But unlike any colorful shop window you have seen before, this one reacts to touch and turns you into a digital artist in a matter of seconds. The application that runs on the store window lets you to create your own stunning 3D snowflake and share it with everyone via social media by using your QR or NFC enabled mobile phone.  

Kalevala Innovation Lab has been developing this unique feature together with Seloy Live, the company providing the technical solution, and Great Apes, the digital agency behind the window application. It has been amazing to see a store window become an interactive see-through screen that you can touch and use the same way you use your phone or tablet. This is something you just got to try out!

Come and put your fingers on our shop window – and get a chance to win a 500 EUR gift card!

Location: Kalevala Jewelry Flagship Store, Pohjoisesplanadi 25-27, Helsinki.